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Jianhui was born into a poor village in rural China. His name was chosen by his mother, it means ‘building a splendid life’. His creative journey began when his parents were not always able to afford the small fee his state school charged. His time out of education was spent in the mountains around his village, fascinated by their colours and abundant natural variety.

When he was finally able to attend school regularly, he excelled academically and creatively leading him to study ceramics in the city and then to an MBA in the UK.

He began to create jewellery from items he found or bought and selling it at Portobello market in the west of London and his true passion for repurposing materials began. For over 10 years Jianhui has been handcrafting pieces from recycled or upcycled materials such as wood, paper and leathers, to give you beautiful eye-catching designs that can be reworked, twisted and reshaped to create a new look each time.

Jianhui's collections are loved by many icons including Iris Apfel, Lily Tomlin, Elio Fiorucci and Agnes B and prestigious institutions MoMA, V&A, MAD (Museum of Arts and Design) and Museum of Contemporary Arts Chicago. You can also find our designs in high end boutiques and jewellery stores around the world.